Máté and His Guide Dog Fülöp

Another team of ours started to prepare for their traffic safety exam. Máté and his guide dog Fülöp spent one week in our boarding course to begin their common life. They practiced a lot and learnt many things about each other. They still have a long way to go to pass the exam, but they are very skillful and they seem to have become friends forever.

Máté talks us about the week spent in the course:

” Fülöp and I were very excited and enthusiastic to start this course!

After a long and tiring journey, we arrived at the foundation’s place in Miskolc with our attendant, where a wonderfully cooperative and helpful team welcomed us. From the first moment I liked the atmosphere and mentality in which they spend their everyday life.

During the week, we learnt many new things with Fülöp. For example, we learnt the ins and outs of using a revolving door and an escalator. We completed many different routes successfully; we took the bus and the tram for a change.

We had to face many challenges which seemed frightening at first, but thanks to the trust between me and my dog and our cooperation, we have overcome all the obstacles. In these 5 days we got closer to one another, now we can almost hear each other’s thoughts. I bet the way home will be smooth now.”

In the picture a young man is kneeling on the ground, hugging his black Labrador sitting is in front of him.
Máté and Fülöp