Máté and Fülöp Passed Their Exam

Máté and his guide dog, Fülöp have successfully passed the traffic safety exam in Dunaújváros. Fülöp, the one and a half year old Labrador, who has been watching over Máté’s steps since March, navigated his owner on the route pulled at the exam with his usual professionalism. Even the pouring raind could not set the team’s zest back. Fülöp was disciplined and precise when stopping at the crossings and bypassed the puddles and the people waiting at zebra crossings. Our team did their best during the exam and completed the tasks confidently.

In the picture a guide dog, a black Labrador, is leading up the steps his young owner, Máté
Máté and Fülöp

This is what Fülöp wrote about the big day in his blog:

“…A little while later, everyone started to get ready and was waiting only for me to put on my uniform. I agreed to their request and stood in the door knowing that now I have to show everything I know. We passed the garden gate and left everything behind. Seems that we’ll show the way and they will follow us along the route – I thought. The route started at the dog run where I could run around a bit, then Máté called me and I stepped nicely next to his feet. We have never finished playing so fast like this, because when I ran to him, he put the harness on me and we set off. We headed for the bus stop, where Máté tied my leash up to a chair and told me to lay down and stay there. Then he left me behind, grasped Gyöngyvér’s arm and walked away with her. I remembered doing such a thing before and my task then is really to stay there without a sound. The better I am at doing it, the sooner they return, therefore I did not even wince. I kept my eye on the box behind which they were hiding. I must have been very good at it, because they came back soon and I could get a treat for that. After a short conversation we got on a bus which has just arrived. This was familiar to me, because we use it every morning to get to school. We travelled until the usual stop and then came the real performance. Marcsi and the others could see how splendidly we can move around the busy streets.

We cleverly bypassed the crowd standing at the zebra crossing, quickly crossed the street, and bypassed flower bowls, bicyclists and all the small puddles on the sidewalk. When we reached our destination, everyone congratulated us on how deftly we can move on our own. After a short rest, I glimpsed a familiar person approaching, who was also there in the school before, looking into a box and clicking, when other dog friends came to the school.. So everyone in town will talk about us again – I thought proudly. After he clicked on us again, we headed to the busand then home  with our team. We got other congratulations, when we got home, so I guess we must have been really very awesome „