Lions Youth Camp with Guide Dogs

Young people from abroad have visited our center, organized by the Lions Club. First, after a becoming acquainted with each other, the enthusiastic team could interactively try out how they could help a visually impaired person in different situations, then we discussed and showed them how to do it in a professional way.

In this picture students are sitting in a circle in the middle of which there is a couple: one of them is a blindfolded student, and the other is one of our colleaguesshowing how to provide expert assistance
Professional assistance (photo: László Kende)

Everyone could gain insight into our Foundation’s work and the training of guide dogs. They met our visually impaired colleague, Zoli and his guide dog Fanni, then tried out with our two demonstrator dogs Lego and Bóbita how it feels when a four-legged companion is takes care of their footsteps.

In this picture Bóbita wearing a harness is leading a blindfolded student girl
Come on Bóbita! (photo: László Kende)

The students could not even imagine how much guide dogs can help their visually impaired owner in everyday life. They were fascinated by the eagerness and love of the dogs, what this time they could feel too.

In this picture there are two student girls smiling and squatting next to Lego
Lego and the student girls (photo: László Kende)