Lions International Exchange Camp With Guide Dogs

A roup of foreign young people visited our Center, organised by the First Lions Club in Miskolc. The 28 members of the enthusiastic team learned some practical ways on how to help a visually impaired person to cross a zebra crossing, for example, or sit down on a chair. Then we talked about the training of guide dogs.

In the picture some young men are waiting for their fellow to return with the guide dog.
A part of the team with Lego

We answered some important questions as to whether there places where guide dogs are not allowed to enter with their visually impaired owners or how a visually impaired person knows if the traffic light has turned green and can cross the road safely. As a highlight of the event everyone could try out what it is like walking blindfolded with the help of a guide dog,in this case with Lego and Gerbaud. It was a great afternoon spent in a very good atmosphere, thanks for the visit!