Life Saving, Farewell and New Hopes

Looking back to the month of August, it is almost unbelievable how many things have happened to us.

One thing is sure: we can get strength from the love of our dogs and people to be able to step forward.

Arthur and Brigi Went to the Freshmen’s Camp

Brigitta Hegedűs became the law student of the Miskolc University and took part in the Freshmen’s Camp with her guide dog.
“The folks were great and they loved Arty. We were in the camp for five days and took part in many good programmes”- said Brigi about the programmme called Sucker 7.

Arthur became so popular that the prints of his paws appeared on the logo of the team. By the end of the camp Arthur was elected to be the mascot animal of the faculty.

Guide Dog Quiz
One of the purposes of our foundation is education and also changing attitudes in the society, that is why we made a guide dog quiz. You can get to know the fabulous world of our guide dogs. from the quiz. We will give you gifts for the quiz filled in. A special certificate will be sent to you in e-mail. You can find the quiz here.

The Daughter and her Guide Dog were Saved by Unbelievable Brevity

It can happen that a guide dog and the owner get into a dangerous situation but never ever have such a brutal attack happened to any of our pairs. Fortunately, the father of Dia stopped the attacker with a chainsaw on the yard. He suffered from serious injuries but he had no other choice, he had to defend his family from the drunk man.

Dia and her guide dog ran into the house. Dia crouched on the floor and felt that she could not do anything else because her life was hung by a single thread.

It was an awful experience for a blind person like me. Since then I have been terrified whenever a machine starts or something is rolling down on the floor. To some extent this case ruined my life. Fortunately, Bagira came into the house avoiding being cut into half.

The attacher was sued and the family expect compensation of damages and severe punishment.

We wish a lot of strength and stamina to Dia and her family!

From the Newsreel of the RTL it turns out what happened to a family from Szigetszentmárton.

We Lost Alma (Apple) at a Very Young Age

Our guide dog fainted unexpectedly while we were walking. Csaba Prekker, the owner, immediately went to see a vet who could help the dog and owing to the treatmens the dog’s health improved.

However, the dog started bleeding the next day and no matter how much Csaba hurried to the vet, the dog could not be saved. There had been no signs of the illness before. The bleeding of the intestine system of unknown origin took the dog from its owner.

We are so sorry about it.

Alma helped the daily life of Csaba, who lives in wheelchair. They loved each other very much and all of a sudden their common life vanished. The four-year old labrador takes care of him from Heaven.

Rest in Peace dear Alma!

We wrote an artice about Csaba and Alma after their successful exam.

Love, Joy, Harmony

From the very first moment there has been a big love between Ervin Krekács and his guide dog, Vackor. (on the first picture)
There is a growing harmony and they are more skilful in transporting day by day.

Ervin’s old dog, Tex, retired and Vackor, the always enthusiastic dog replaced Tex. Tex continued to live with his beloved owner and we can see that an old story repeats itself. About ten years ago Bogyó, the retired guide dog of Ervin was walking with the young Tex. For a while Tex was leading Ervin and also Bogyó.

You can read about this special relationship here.