Latte goes to university

Shortly after his first birthday, Latte packed his suitcase and said goodbye to his puppy-parents to enter a new phase of his training.

Latte then practices with our trainer, Mónika Köbli, to turn a beautiful yellow Labrador into a true guide dog once and become a loyal companion to a visually impaired person.

Latte’s paws were a bit difficult to let go of her trainers, as they had loved the adorable little lady for the past year. They said goodbye to Latte: “With tears in our eyes but with limitless pride, we let go of your little paws… On March 2, 2019, a tiny, yellow hairball arrived at our home to spend the next year in our family and prepare for — then it has seemed so far away — for university period. The months have passed and we have become more and more in love with our little dwarf. The world has become smarter and more and more unfolded in front of her… ..Every day she has smuggled happiness into our lives. We will never forget her fun, slightly gentle, sensitive, curious and eternally optimistic nature. Thanks for this wonderful time. “

We thank Sonja Rab and husband László Rab for raising us Latte, and thank Kitti Farkas and her partner for taking care of Latte until she was 8 weeks old.