Latte and Vica make a great couple

We begin the week with great news. Búza Timurné Vica and her dog, Latte have passed
the traffic safety exam in Budapest. Latte was trained by Mónika Köbli, and we thank
Szonja Rabné Váradi and László Rab for raising this beautiful golden labrador.

The assigned route started near the couple’s place of residence and ended at Örs Vezér tér.
They performed their tasks well and after getting off the tram even handled an unexpected dog situation successfully.

Vica and Latte have been practicing since October, and they got used to each other very quickly, forming a great couple.

“They’re both energetic, determined and athletic. Vica is visually impaired, her eyesight is
constantly deteriorating. She loves to go hiking with her dog, they also often go together with her husband” says Mónika Köbli, who trained Latte.

We wish them many very happy years together! We thank the work of the committee (Zsuzsanna Renkó, Viktória Varga and Darinka Farkas)! We also thank Dr. Rabné Váradi Szonja and Dr. To László Rab, for the love and optimism with which Latte was raised!