Lady Plays Street Pianos to Support Guide Dog Training

Annamari Kardon practices on street pianos in Budapest. This time, she played in the underground station at Fővám tér. Her yellow guid dog Szikra (Spark) follows her everywhere, so even those who otherwise would not stop to listen to her music will surely give a minute or two to the pup. Annamari and Szikra do everything together: their latest adventure was giving a try to cross country running.

Annmari considers herself an enthusiastic amateur. She could have become a pianist, but her life took another turn and now she is studying psychology. All she wants is making people happy with her music, without any external constraints.

“I am very much interested in the music therapy of epileptic children. I am epileptic myself and music has always helped, while it has also played a very important role in my life. How music may improve the quality of life for healthy adults is another exciting issue” – she explains.

Annamari is preparing for her concert, to be held in April. She is going to play together with professional pianist Ágnes Kövecs. With their concert, they wish to support the training of guide dogs. Annamari has strong ties with the guide dog training foundation Baráthegyi Vakvezető és Segítő Kutya Iskola Alapítvány. Szikra was also trained by the Foundation. Click here to learn more
about the event.

This photo was taken when Annamari was playing Durand’s Waltz in A-flat major.

They run together

Annamari and Szikra are ones of the numerous members of Baráthegyi School’s running team. In this photo, they are training for a contest in the spring.