Kiwi and Karma became their owners’ real partners

We are extremely proud that today our two couples passed the road safety exam! Kálmán and Kiwi and Piroska and Karma did a great job according to the exam board!

Piroska and Karma, Kálmán and Kiwi after the successful exam
Piroska and Karma, Kálmán and Kiwi after the successful exam

Kálmán started the exam. They had to get from the client hostel to the center, this was the route they got. Kálmán was very excited and nervous at first, but of course everything went well. Kiwi showed the pedestrian crossings, performed his job. The tram driver was so nice we weren’t even at the pedestrian crossing, he thought he was waiting for us, so Kálmán didn’t hear the tram inside. As they entered the stop, Kiwi decided to take Kalman to the vehicle, says Emese Királyné Barkóczi, who trained Kiwi.

The red-blue exam route was the center-client hostel. They started and bused in such a crowd that we could barely follow the couple, but they did a great job. They are very pleasant, so they came to the finish without any problems. Karma was trained by Lajos Cserven.

The K-puppies were cared for by Emese from birth to 8 weeks, so it was a very joyful moment for her. “It is challenging to translate the happiness we have experienced today when Kálmán and Piroska smiled with relief after the exam. It’s a great happiness for everyone, let’s share their joy,”he says.

Congratulations to the couples, Emese and Louis, the dog trainers and a big thank you to Edo Répás and his partner for bringing us Kiwi, Gizella Weiner and Eszter Debnár Méder, who raised Karma.