Körte Paddling for Guide Dogs

Mihály Dombai and his friends arrived at our foundation’s blind guide dog picnic by canoe. The “Körte (Pear) Paddling” is probably the first time that one of our clients has organized a fundraising event in such a spectacular way for our common case. It is a good feedback for us that our work and the help of guide dogs for visually impaired people is important.

Mihály Dombai and his friends organized to arrive to our foundation’s guide dog picnic under the name of Körte (Pear) Paddling. “We are trying to draw attention to the importance of guide dogs. As I’m a competitive canoeist, I found it easiest to try to bring some color to this, and to encourage everyone to support the training of guide dogs, as it is a very important and good cause,” said Mihály Dombai.

He also told how the Körte Paddling from Tahitótfalu to Óbudai-Island went, which was named after his own guide dog, Körte: “Körte usually travels with me in a canoe, which he really likes. This time he was calmly at my feet at the front of the boat, I kept splashing him with water so he wouldn’t get too hot, and I also gave him drink during the journey.”

The best dog in the world

Mihály Dombai also said what his dog means to him: “The love is great with Körte. We moved in together on December 1, 2019, and it’s been a drippy Hollywood love story. I love her to bits, she’s simply my everything, the world’s best dog. That’s for sure.”

„This is a fantastic initiative. We are very pleased that he values our work so highly and tries to support our activities as a client. It hasn’t happened so far, in our history that one of our clients organises foundrasing for us, so this is a good feedback for us that our work and the assistance of guide dogs is important” – said our professional manager, Piroska Komondi.

Since Mihály and his friends want to “gather up” as much money as possible that our foundation will use for training guide dogs, we recommend that you watch our video about Körte Rowing and the possibilities for support:
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A meeting between puppy raisers and our clients

At our foundation’s guide-dog picnic, nearly fifty guide-dogs and their owners came together. The program included a shared walk, doggy swimming, and a friendly picnic at Óbuda Island. We organized such a big gathering so that our clients and the puppy raisers could meet each other. We think it’s important that the puppy raisers can see the guide-dog they raised and its owner, so that they can get to know each other, chat casually and enjoy belonging to a community. (Our clients are the visually impaired people who received guide-dogs from our foundation.)