Judit Vannai: Enthusiast of guide dogs and photography

The works of Judit Vannai can often be seen on our foundation’s social media pages, in leaflets and calendars. It is valuable to us that in her photos the gaze of our guide dogs faithfully reflects their love for people and their desire to work. Judit has been our volunteer colleague for many years, and she shares her thoughts about it now.

“My relationship with this great organization called Baráthegyi Guide Dog School goes back many years. I work as a doctor, so it is not surprising that I am fundamentally driven by the will to help and by social responsibility. In addition to my daily work, the selfless, voluntary activity that I initially carried out as a puppy raiser at the foundation is also important. Later, due to an unexpected life situation, I had to stop raising puppies, but I wanted to stay in touch with Baráthegyi, since the love of dogs, the admiration of guide dogs, the relationship with the visually impaired and the friendship forged with the staff of the foundation did not allow me to part.”

Dog photography for guide dogs as well

Since my other profession is photography and I deal exclusively with dog photography, it was a good “excuse” to continue working together, since social media appearance, information and awareness raising through photos are very important for an organization in need of social support.

That’s why my @Nekemugass.hu dog photography studio opened its doors to the foundation to help them with photos of guide dogs. I photograph them in my atelier, and during puppy-meetings or training, but moments of guide work are often photographed, too. It is a fantastic feeling to see my pictures on social media, on leaflets, on calendars, on billboards, because the gaze of Labradors always faithfully reflects their two most important personality traits: love of people and desire to work.