Joy and Love with Guide Dogs

It was a wonderful experience to be together on one of the nicest days of the autumn on the hill named Hármashatár (Three Borders). Our guide dogs were running about happily, they were playing a lot and later the owner of the dogs had a picnic.

It is a fabulous thing to take a trip with 30 dogs, especially when they voluntarily go up to their owners, enjoying freedom, while the people are walking and can talk to each other.

This time the owners of the guide dogs did not rely on their dogs on the forest trails but on their sighted helpers. The owners take care of letting their dogs run about many times of the day because the working dogs particulrly need some leisure time. But a meeting like this means more. Everybody was on a high like at a very good party.

Marcell Kopa was from Pécsvárad (pic above)

I was exhausted of the week and all of my organs yelled: ’Don’t go there!’ but I did not regret coming. The joyful play the dogs enjoyed, the love the community received in with and the lots of photos speaking for themselves prove this. I was happy that I could delight so many people and could meet a lot of friends I haven’t met for a long time. To my greatest surprise I enjoyed myself in the forest. It was an unforgettable experience that I was sitting on the picnic blanket holding some food in my hand and at least 4 dogs were around me within
dangerous distance but they were asking only with eyes ’Give me something to eat!’. And I felt I had to give them something from Sámán’s reward snack. Of course, with the owners’ permisssion.

The dogs and the people are old friends. What’s more, the dogs are relatives alike the siblings with the names starting with ’A’ in the above picture. They can play happily at the monthly puppy meetings.

The picnic was successful, we took our lunch and offered cakes/sweets to each other and made the dogs drink.

Then the group was stirred up because we decided to take a lot of photos.

Photos were taken about the dogs lying without any motion but we will show another one where the dogs ran out of patience and started running towards their owners.

You can see many of us in the picture. We would like to spend many beautiful days together like we had in Miskolc in August. We organised two meetings so that people could decide which venue the wanted to take part in.

On the way home we were walking comfortably and waited for half of the group, who thought another route was better but they had to come back. Finally, we drove the dogs togetherk, arranged ourselves and some people took the bus home, some people went home by car.

Thank the volunteers, the volunteer puppy raisers for their help to carry out the picnic.