It’s Springtime, Let’s Make a Trip!

On the 27th of May we went on a trip to Szipyard Island. Friends with their guide dogs, acquaintances and families, current and previous puppy raisers, adopters and also those who were interested also joined us.

In addition to a lot of running around outdoors, carrying stocks, wrestling and playing with the ball a 1.5-hour water program was also part of the adventure because of the good weather. This was the most ideal program for our Retrievers that one can come up with. We could listen to the experiences of guide dog owners, exchange and buy tools, and take part in consultations on how to take care of a dog. Our future puppy raisers could get an insight of the joys of living with a dog and ask questions from our experienced puppy raisers and professionals.

We would like to thank our colleagues Darinka, Marcsi and Gyöngyvér for organizing this event!

Participants of the trip are gathering for a tableau.
The big team (Picture: Judit Vannai)

Dóri Pozsgay is sharing her experiences about the trip:

„Saturday we woke up for making a trip with our guide dogs. We agreed previously with Ani that I would meet her at the Árpád híd station of Metro line 3, because as a new owner of a guide dog she didn’t really know that station.

We arrived to the bus stop with Ében right when bus 32 arrived. I sent Ében to the door when a familiar voice told me that the bus had already been full, we would not have enough space and we should wait for the next one. Lately, I’ve taken this bus quite often, so I know many of the drivers and they also know me. So following this driver’s advice I turned Ében bask who was very surprised when stepping back on the sidewalk. This was a good decision because on the next bus we did have enough space.

Upon arriving to the familiar terminal point, I sent Ében to the stairs of the underpass, and when we got down, to the right, to the stairs again, because Ani was coming from Újpest. Many trains passed but the familiar dog with the familiar bell we were waiting for wasn’t on any of them.

Finally, Ani called me that they wouldn’t be there on time, so I was trying to get with my phone in my hand to the other stop of tram 1 on the opposite side, where the others were waiting. There was a lady I met a week before, who has a dog called Kira. There was Zoli with Frodó, Barbi with Demi and Dari with Ropi. I don’t remember exactly when, but somewhere on the way Bejcsi, Noémi with Zserbó and Ágota with Vacak also joined us.

Upon getting on bus 226, Ében found a tiny spot behind Zserbó and I was very surprised that he could fit there! After getting off, we didn’t have to walk a lot, the dogs immediately noticed the others there, so we had to release them. We were waiting for a while for those who came late, but then we agreed to go on.

In the picture the team is leaving the bus stop.
“Let’s go!” (Picture: Judit Vannai)

I was happy that my friend Orsi and her partner brought their dog, Bogyi, and she then undertook to guide me that day. As usual, we went to the bank of River Danube, where much to my astonishment Ébi like the other dogs also came back from the river with wet belly and head. When waiting for the dogs I could have a chat with Milán and Ádám and also with the owners of the „dog brothers” Dóri and Alexa. Later, Zsuzsi and her dog also joined us.

In the picture the dogs are swimming.
„Let’s go swimming!” Picture: Judit Vannai)

Egy idő után, amikor már mindenki ebe jó vizes volt úgy gondolták a vezetők, hogy elindulunk visszafele, ami közben az egyik szimpatikusnak tűnő réten el lettek kattintgatva a szokásos csoportképek. Miután azokkal

After a while, whene everyone’s dog was wet enough, the leaders in the team thought that we should go back. On the way back in a nice clearing we took the usual tableaus. Then we rested a little more there and I was trying to eat my food which was not easy because the dogs were all interested in my sandwich.

I also groomed Ében with my brand new comb. Until the departure of the bus we had some more time, so while sitting in the grass I had the chance to pet some of the dogs, like Gordon, Gandhi, Leila and Hummer. Finally our bus arrived to the stop.