International recognition of the guide dog training in Miskolc

The guide dog training in Miskolc received a new international recognition:

The Baráthegyi Guide Dog School received the First Sir Brian Unwin Incentive Award for its exemplary work, informed Rob Wolters, the executive director of the  ECNC (European Centre for Nature Conservation).  Dr. Tamás Mezősi, the Chair of the foundation board at the end of December.

On the picture, a golden retriever guide dog can be seen on the left side of his owner, who has a white stick in his right hand.

The award supports individual and local initiatives of outstanding importance, which motivates people, because they give positive energy and hope: our fund got this recognition for this self-sacrificing job, which we do with our colleagues for the visually impaired people and for the guide dogs which provide a more independent life.

In Hungary, only 1% of visually impaired people have guide dogs, despite being much more help than any other inanimate tools. Due to the private donations, the experts of the school trained the most guide dog and gave them for free to their owners last year.

The Baráthegyi Guide Dog School made the Hungarian guide dog training internationally known, since we trained the first seizure-warning guide dog, we are members of the International Guide Dog Federation, and this year, our fund is requested by the European Guide Dog Federation for a European Union-level representation.

The 500 Euro which was given besides the award will be used to buy a new puppy to replace the guide dog, Rusty, which was tragically murdered in summer.