International Guide Dog Day is waiting for you too!

We the Baráthegyi Guide Dog school celebrate International Guide Dog Day on the 27th of April with several events throughout the country. We are waiting for everyone who is interested in it on Saturday prior to the day.

The aim of this program is to bring attention to visually impaired people and the importance of guide dogs, namely, that they are an enourmous help to these people. Trained guide dogs are very special. They have exceptional knowledge, and they are the other halves of these people by connecting them to the things that can be seen. They also guide them and protect them from everything. They are helpers, friends, who give their owners back their freedom, independence and self-confidence. This is a huge thing!


By wearing a harness on their back, they have a huge responsibility, they protect one persons life. Their profession is the most beautiful among a dog’s tasks.

In the picture you can see a yellow Labrador retriever leading his owner
Guide dogs do a responsible job.

At the program, you can meet guide dogs and their owners, socialize with dogs and raise questions about their work together. In some situations, you can also try how to walk with the help os these dogs and how much they can help.

Their owners will be at your service by answering your questions and they can also tell you how much sighted people can help to the guide dog and its owner. Just imagine that you arrive to the pedestrian cross, the traffic light turns to green, but the dog does not see colors. In addition, dogs are also unable to recognize the number of the bus which arrives…

We are organizing guide dog walks at many different locations. In addition, participants in the program can also try games, which are created especially for visually impaired people, for example table tennis or tic-tac-toe. Come one, come all, and have a nice day by socializing and discussing your questions!

You can definitely meet us in the following cities, details will come soon:

Budapest, Miskolc, Bonyhád, Debrecen, Eger, Fót, Kalocsa, Kaposvár, Sátoraljaújhely, Sopron, Szeged, Szerencs, Tatabánya, Üllő, Vác.

We are looking forward to meet anyone who is interested!