In art with guide dogs

Baráthegyi Guide Dog School is judging a photo competition about guide dogs. The competition is a great opportunity not only for photographers but also for drawing artists, painters, and AI- artists to introduce themselves. The competition is not only about the technical details of making the pictures but also about showing the life and work of guide dogs from an artistic point of view.

Participating in the competition is a special challenge, as the entries must meet several conditions. Displaying the role and importance of guide dogs in pictures is not an easy task. You will have the opportunity to vote, upload works, and reach a wider audience, even in printed form on the platform of Fine Art America.

The details of the application include the fact that 15 days are available to submit works. It takes one week to judge the submitted works, during which the audience votes and the decision of the expert jury also count. In addition, during the competition, it will be possible to comment on the works, so the participants can receive direct feedback on their works.

We are very much looking forward to the votes, entries, and comments of all interested people who want to share their artistic vision of guide dogs and participate in a friendly, yet professional competition!

You can find the competition at the below link: