If you are always late, you definetely need a guide dog!

Anikó Nagy and her guide dog, Brúnó have been together for one year and now they make the perfect bond. In the next episode of our video series we talked with Anikó about Brúnó’s personality and why is it good to have a fast dog.

Brúnó, the black labrador is a really sensitive dog
Brúnó, the black labrador is a really sensitive dog

In June they will celebrate the first year together. Brúnó is the second guide dog of Anikó. She has already known that every dog is another personality, which is especially evident with Brúnó. “He is a very good and sensitive dog and I need to adapt to him”-said Anikó.

Brúnó has a very kind personality, which means a lot of advantage: it was easy for him to learn the calling. In forests or fields he doesn’t go from Anikó too far. 

“He is a very fast dog that I have always wanted. He is dinamic which is very aproppriate for me beacuse I’m always late” – said Anikó.

Negative experience happens with them mostly on public transport. The muzzle is always a debate topic between people. “But I think it’s getting better nowadays”- said hopefully.