„I never pick green strawberries”

She loves the city as much as the farm, and Aszú makes her life more beautiful. We talked to Kinga Németh, who lives near Szeged.

Kinga Németh has been living with the two-year-old yellow male, Aszú, for 2 months. A lot of things have changed in her life recently, she is preparing for graduation, she will enroll in university and she met Aszú. She lives with her parents on a farm in Zsombó, near Szeged, and her family is engaged in agriculture, in which she will not take over the baton because “she should see for that” – says Kinga. She would like to continue her studies in the community organization course at the University of Szeged because she is naturally connected to this activity:

“I love to organize, I love the hustle and bustle of Szeged, the patisseries, cafes and fast food restaurants” – but she wouldn’t part with life on the farm either, although the nearest train station is an hour’s walk from home. Her parents used to take her there by car, and from there she traveled to Szeged with Aszú.

I’ve always enjoyed life on the farm because it’s quiet, birds chirping, there are no neighbors, and I only have problems with chainsawing on Sunday mornings. Even more interesting is the sound of emus drumming with their vocal cords. The male and female emu pair was given to my father as a birthday present, they got used to it easily, they breed, and there are already five of them

–said Kinga with a smile.

She spends a lot of time with Aszú in the garden smelling of olive trees and acacia, her dog likes to bring his ball back, and he always moves it around, since during their time in the city, Aszú usually rests next to his owner’s school desk. The school always gets a little rowdy when there’s a break, Kinga used to let Aszú be petted when he wasn’t at work.

When he is not wearing a harness, he turns into a little love bomb and loves to play. Since he lives with me, I’m never alone, he comes over, pokes me with his nose, and I pet him. He’s my eyes in traffic, I’m good with a white stick, but when crossing the pedestrian crossing I was afraid that I wouldn’t go straight, there were also unpleasant cases. Everything has changed now, I cross the pedestrian crossing confidently, and Aszú looks for a stop for me, it is much easier to walk with him

– said Kinga.

City life has to be financed from somewhere, and 19-year-old Kinga has the opportunity to do so. Nowadays, she often wakes up early to get to the strawberry field by 6 am. Her grandmother has 20,000 strawberry plants, they are always happy to helpers.

I never pick green strawberries because they are harder and more jagged to the touch than ripe ones, and I have never eaten an imported strawberry in my life. I’m used to picking cucumbers, it stings so much that we’re wearing hoodies. I’ve been in the business for five years, that’s where I get my pocket money from. I feel great during the harvest because we have a good conversation.

-said the young girl enthusiastically.

According to Kinga, Aszú is similar to her in terms of personality: “He is humorous and longs for love at home, but he concentrates when he is at work. I’ve been balanced since we’ve been together.”