„I love that you are a woman, my dear owner!”

Why is it good to go on a date with a dog? Why is the dog happy to have a woman owner? The 8th of March gave us the opportunity to ask two owners if they have a common Women’s Day theme with their guide dog. The story of Misi and Antónia proves that it can be a special and deep love between dog and human, which we will always talk about. The dogs mentioned in the article were trained by our foundation.

„I like that you use perfume.”

Iram is a yellow five-year-old male dog. Antónia Kállai loves Iram, she knows his every thought, so we asked her to formulate her dog’s confession for Women’s Day. We were sure that Iram’s heart would open up to her in the most beautiful way.

Iram’s confession:

I love it when we go to the shoe store. I like to take care of your shoes then. I love it when you order something for yourself, I’m just as excited as you are when you unfold the dress and the packaging falls on the floor. I like that you use perfume and I smell your hair after a haircut. I love how you come down for a kiss in the middle of the night, even when I'm restless, and you listen to every twitch, every grunt. I love that you are a woman, my dear owner, because you have a lot of girlfriends, and they all want to kiss me!

“It is fun to go on a date with a dog.”

Körte is a five-year-old yellow female dog, while Mihály Dombai is a good-hearted canoeist. They have found each other wonderfully, and it seems that others notice it too, especially the ladies. Misi’s Women’s Day story became really special:

„However I am a serious, dedicated and faithful married man, and I have no intention of dating, but I can confirm that it is true that going on a date is fun with a dog.

Since we have been living with Körte, coming and going, in many cases ladies „attack” me and start a conversation with me. They invite me for coffee, they are unreasonably direct and kind to me, i.e. to us.

Of course, my incredibly muscular appearance and personal charm count for a lot, but I think that thevbeautiful twinkling eyes, the silky fur, the pink little nose and the always bright and intelligent look next to my left leg are worth much more than that. That is Körte, my puppy who attracts people’s attention, deserves everyone’s admiration with the fantastic work she does, and of course with the way she shows how much she loves me. Of course, the feeling is mutual, because I also love her very much, and she is the most important to me.”

I think that women feel this harmony much more, and for some reason we become interesting tocthem, so I think it would be very easy to go on a date with a dog. Of course, it is good to my soul that I get so much positive feedback, although I know that I owe it mostly to Körte.

We wish all women a Happy Women’s Day!