I am Müzli

My name is Müzli. Now it is my turn to introduce myself. I think it is worth to know that I am the most easy-going of the team. Isn’t it something in a litter of 10 puppies?

Müzli is the most easy-going of the litter
Müzli is the most easy-going of the litter

They say that I am a beautiful yellow girl. I believe in this because I have never been disappointed by those being around me. Katalin looks after me and my sisters and brothers very well and she thinks I am a good dog. I have discovered very soon how to pack my tummy. It often said about me that “she will get on”.

I get on well with all of my bros and sis. And I have an unusual distinctive sign. Do you want to know what it is? All right, I tell you. There’s a darker zone at one of my ears.

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