I am Márvány

Following my four siblings, I would like to introduce myself today. There are many yellow puppies in the M litter, only three of us are black, and I belong to the majority. I am a beautiful yellow male puppy. Márvány (it means Marble in English)….

Márvány likes to play with his siblings
Márvány likes to play with his siblings

First of all, I am one of the most playful guys in the litter. According to my raiser, Katalin, it is interesting that in most cases I sleep when the others play, and I start to play when the others would go to sleep. I think it is not strange at all, because I have personality!

I almost forgot to mention that I like to carry plush toys, but the most important that I get on well with all of my siblings.

Watch the video about me:

Here you can read the introduction of my sister, Menta.