Huba found his new family

Huba’s master died after Christmas.  We knew that because of his age, Huba won’t work as a guide dog anymore so we were looking for a family to adopt him. There was a huge interest, many of you applied for Huba. Thanks for everyone who was touched by his story!

The story of the retired guide dog

On Sunday Huba got to a family who adopted one of our retired dog before, Lokum and they really wanted to help again.

Huba is a beautiful yellow Labrador, now lying on a blue patterned carpet and inquiringly paying attention.

Huba can stay in the house or can go out to the garden according to his mood at the home of Dr Ildikó Molnárné Bán and Dr Mihály Molnár. He will never be alone; he will live together with Sztyepánnka, the 1 year old Fox-terrier and Puli blend dog of the family and will also meet a lot with the grandchild of Ildikó and Mihály. Have a good time and enjoy your retired years, Huba! We are working to train more guide dogs to continue the mission you took a great part in.