How to train our guide dogs in the hot summer weather

Due to the hot weather, our puppy meet-up in August was held in a shopping mall in Budapest. Our dogs practiced in smaller groups: after common exercises they tried the glass elevator, went to the cinema and walked stairs a bit.

As usual, the meet-up was started with some exercises in order to release the energy of dogs. Our trainer, Mária Nyíriné Kovács exercised with the dogs in Budatétény Kamaraerdő so that they can focus better when they will practice.

We went to Campona shopping mall with around twenty dogs

The guide dog students were divided into two groups, with 3-4 dogs in a group. In this way we could pay more attention on them and we didn’t disturb the customers and visitors of the shopping mall.

Our professional leader, Piroska Komodi met our guide students at an „outside location” where they practiced how to walk stairs. These were not usual stairs but „perforated” where the dogs had to adapt to the unusual situation so that they can lead their future owners up the different kind of stairs.

Our trainer, Darinka Farkas practiced the usage of glass elevator with our guide dog students. This exercise can help them to overcome acrophobia (fear of heights). Guide dogs also visited a shoe shop and many other shops with their raisers. When visiting shops, they can practice ignoring distractions as they will go to the shops with their future owners too.

Our puppy coordinator, Ildikó Nóra Juhász helped our guide dog students to discover the cinema where they could also practice ignoring distractions and they could overcome a fear of the special and bright floor of the cinema.

All the above knowledges will help our students to become perfect guide dogs. We are so excited to meet again in autumn.