Guide Dogs on UPC’s Family Day

This weekend we attended UPC’s Family Day in Budapest, where, in spite of the pouring rain, we had a really great time. Our location was in the central marquee, next to the stage. Many people came to participate in our programs. From among our dogs Fidzsi, Tesla, Dió, Delta and Lego helped the brave participants experience how it feels to walk blindfolded relying on a dog.

In the picture a man dressed as a blue cat is lead by a black Labrador., whose trainer is walking on the other side of the dog.
Everybody tried out how to walk with a guide dog!

Photos were also taken of the joint walks, which the participants received on the spot. Lots of people tried out our scent recognition game and a special version of tic tac toe with our visually impaired friends, and writing in Braille could not be missed out either. At the end of the day, our experienced demonstrator dog Dió and our trainer colleague danced on the stage during the concert of band Irigy Hónaljmirigy. Prior to the performance, Varga Győző, a member of the band, visited us to have a picture taken together with Fidzsi, Delta, Legó and, of course, Dió. We would like to thank everybody for this fantastic day!

Special thanks for the invitation to our puppy raising volunteer, Bozsó Bernadett!