Guide Dogs on the World Animal Day in the Belvarosi Liget in Miskolc


It is natural that when the guide dogs each year, and this year in particular the tragic murder of Rusty important to the memorial service.
World Animal Day is celebrated on October 4 th St. Francis, patron saint of animals on the day of death since 1931. On this day, we call attention to the protection of all animals. Unfortunately, the utilitarian grounds many animals are killed and recreational livestock is not always based on responsibility. To deal with the animals much, much more attention should be paid to man’s best friend. World Animal Day in particular, as a result, in everyday life do not forget the nature that surrounds us, creatures.
Whether it is our goal that our pets also may believe that every day is their birthday.

This year, the Belvárosi Liget (Downtown Park) in Miskolc commemorate this famous day like as a family day. Fortunately, many people were wondering again what it feels like to trust a dog with covered eyes and why the guide dog is the greatest help, more than all inanimate device, for visually impaired people.

A brave little girl trying out what it's like to trust with covered  eyes a guide dog
A brave little girl trying out what it’s like to trust with covered eyes a guide dog

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