Guide Dogs on the Family Day

We participated in an organized Family Day on Sunday on the occasion of the Day of the city of Miskolc with workers of the North Hungarian Rehabilitation Center for Visually Impaired People. Interested visitors could try out with demonstrator guide dogs Dió, Delta and Diamond what it is like to walk blindfolded with a guide dog. For a few minutes they could experience how it feels to entrust a dog with your life.

In the picture Delta, a black Labrador in harness, is leading a blindfolded girl. The trainer of Delta is walking beside him.
A brave volunteer and Delta

Our colleague, Zoltán Vida, demonstrated the use of the Braille typewriter and everyone could see how their names look like in Braille. In addition, children and adults alike could test their knowledge about guide dogs in a quiz and many tried their hand at tic-tac-toe developed for visually impaired people with one of our volunteers using a guide dog as an opponent.

In the picture there is a blindfolded girl sitting at a desk. Across from her sits a middle-aged man. They are playing tic-tac-toe.
Playing tic-tac-toe

Despite the gloomy weather, we all had a really funny and exciting day.