Guide Dogs on Scooters

Our guide dogs at Barathegyi Guide Dog School show a great example for everyone how to use scooters around town. They were all able to ride a scooter on their own, what’s more, they even tried riding in tandem. Once finished, they put their scooters back in an orderly fashion.

Our three guide dogs, Zenit, Tango and Whiskey, sniffed around the scooters that are causing so much trouble on our streets. “The scooters are left laying around the pavement, blocking the way for the pedestrians” – said Zenit with a sigh. Whiskey, however, was so curious that he wanted to try out the scooters. All three dogs had a great time riding the scooters independently:

Afterwards, they even tried riding in tandem with their trainer.

It goes without saying that once our dogs were finished with using the scooters, they put them back where they belong.

"We won’t bite but we would love it if you would leave the scooters parked at the mobility points, where they belong!"

“We won’t bite but we would love it if you would leave the scooters parked at the mobility points, where they belong!”

Our three labradors, Zenit, Tango and Whiskey would like to draw everybody’s attention to how to use scooters without causing a nuisance:

Dear People on Scooters! Please make sure you ride sensibly! Once you have finished using your scooter, please park it in one of the designated mobility parking areas. By doing this, you are helping people with visual impairments who haven’t got a guide dog and who walk about with a white cane. Leaving scooters turned over everywhere on the pavement makes walking very difficult! Even guide dogs
find it challenging to walk around so many obstacles on the pavement. Not only blind people and their dogs, but every pedestrian will thank you!

Our dogs really enjoyed this photo shoot as they were rewarded with lots of treats and also had a nice playtime in the park afterwards. Dog trainer Orsolya Latranyi added that Zenit has already moved in with his prospective owner and is awaiting the traffic safety test. Tango and Whiskey are still living with Orsolya and are waiting to be rehomed to their new owners soon.

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