Guide Dogs on NEXON’s Family Day

We participated in NEXON’s Family Day in Domonyvölgy. We received a very kind and warm welcome from the staff. From the youngest to the oldest, many people visited our tent to test themselves: they tried out what it feels like walking blindfolded with the help of a guide dog, this time with Diamond and Lego, the two demonstrator dogs.

In the picture a lady is guided by a black Labrador, whose leash is held by our colleague.
Diamond is guiding

Several people were curious to see if they can win against our friend, Barna, who uses a guide dog, in Tic-Tac-Toe designed specifically for visually impaired people. Some could. Braille could not be left out either. With the help of our colleague, Zoli, those interested could spell out their names written in Braille, which they received as a souvenir along with other cute gifts. The day was spent in very high spirits!

In the picture people are standing around a table. Our colleague sitting behind a Braille typewriter is handing over a piece of paper to a little boy.
Here is your name in Braille

Many thanks for the invitation and the generous donation for the training of guide dogs.