Guide Dogs on Messer Family Day

We were very pleased to attend the Family oday ofMesser Hungarogáz Kft. on September 9, 2017 with our dogs and colleagues. Google and Gordon, two black male Labradors bought from a breeder from Messer’s previous donation, also joined us; Google represented our Foundation with his visually impaired owner Andras Gál.

Andras Gal is interviewed by the host of the event
András Gál and the host of the event

Andras demonstrated with a Braille typewriter to those interested how the visually impaired can write and read Braille and answered their questions about how to live and travel with a guide dog. Those who wished to could try out what it feels like walking blindfolded with the help of a guide dog; they could choose from four of our guide dogs who were on the site, and then they received a picture of the unforgettable experience.

Bagira in harness is guiding a blindfolded girl; his trainer is walking beside them.
“I trust you Bagira”

We’re very grateful to Messer Hungarogáz Kft. for their donations received so far with which they have supported our mission.

The employees of Messer Kft. and the representatives of our Foundation are standing next to Ech other in front of a building: a little boy is standing in front of his mother, the event organizer is squatting in the middle, Googly is lying at the feet of his owner and the other five Labradors are lying in front of the standing people next to each other in a row.
The employees of Messer Kftand the representatives of our Foundation