Guide Dogs on Humanities Day

We participated in the Humanities Day at ELTE and met many interesting people. Many students were interested in guide dogs and several people even tried how it feels to walk with the help of such a gorgeous animal blindfolded. Three of our guide dogs in training, Gandhi, Dolli and Bagira helped them in this.

In the picture Gandhi, a chocolate Labrador is leading a blindfolded woman. Gandhi’s leash is being held by his trainer.
Gandhi is leading

Some only came to pet the dogs a little bit because they had to rush to class. The dogs welcomed them by wagging their tails and took advantage of every minute to be cuddled. In addition, everyone could get familiar with Braille with the help of our volunteer Dóri. The students were very curious and asked a lot of questions about guide dogs and Braille, which our volunteers were happy to answer.

It was a great day by the end of which the dogs got pleasantly tired and fell asleep, sometimes using each other as pillows.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us!