Guide Dogs on Festive Book Week

We participated in a program organized in Miskolc on the occasion of the Festive Book Week with the associates of North Hungarian Rehabilitation Center for Visually Impaired People. Those interested could try out what it feels like walking with a guide dog with the help of Bodza, a guide-dog-in-training and a demonstrator dog, Delta.

A yellow Labrador is leading a blindfolded woman in the picture. The trainer is holding the dog’s leash.
Bodza is leading

In addition, Lego, a demonstrator-dog-in-training introduced himself and got lots of caressing from the children. Our expert by experience, Barna Kiss, also joined us with his guide dog Locum, who was a great success among the visitors, who could also try themselves out in different games developed for the visually impaired.

In the picture there are two women sitting at a table. There are children sitting and standing on the other side of the table. One of the women is choosing a glass spice jar for a blindfolded little boy lifting a tablecloth that covers the spices.
During scent detection game

Despite the hot weather everyone enjoyed the program. Thank the organizers for the invitation.