Guide Dogs On Animal Appreciation Day

On Friday we celebrated Animal Appreciation Day at the City Park in Miskolc. Many enthusiastic animal lovers joined us and wanted to see our guide dogs. Adults and children alike took turns and put on an eye-pad to experience what it is like to walk with the help of a guide dog.

 In the picture we can see a little girl wearing an eye-pad. She is guided by Bodza, the yellow labrador retriever. The trainer lady is walking on the other side of the dog.
A brave little girl with Bodza

With some expert help from Barna Kiss and his seeing-eye dog, Locum, visitors could try out a lesser-known version of the classic noughts and crosses game, which, with its extra tactile features and enlarged playing pieces is specifically designed for blind or partially sighted players.

In the picture we can see a blindfolded little girl and a middle aged, visually impaired man sitting opposite each other. They are playing noughts and crosses on a table.
A game of noughts and crosses

Flash, the black labrador retriever pup-in-training arrived with his puppy raisers. He enjoyed being in the centre of attention and collected many smiles and hugs from the visitors.

We would like to say a big thank you to the organizers for inviting us. We had a wonderful time!

We can see Flash, the black labrador pup-in-training in the picture. A little girl is hugging him.
with Flash