Guide Dogs in the Special Education Methodology Institute in Józsefváros

We visited the students of the Unified Special Education Methodology Institute and Primary School in Józsefváros, Budapest. The children were very enthusiastic about us. Ágota Lukács talked about the everyday life of visually impaired people to the children and what her guide dog Vacak means to her. In addition, with the help of our colleague Mónika Köbli, everyone could try out what it feels like to walk with a white cane while the others created barriers with their own bodies.

A blindfolded boy is standing in the picture with a white cane in his hand. There is another boy in front of him with outstretched arms behind whom there is a lady grabbing his outstretched arms.
Walking with a white cane

Finally, with the help of Mária Nyíriné Kovács and Zorien the students could experience what it is like to walk with a guide dog.

There is a blindfolded boy in the picture led by Zorien, the yellow Labrador. On the other side of Zorien there is his trainer walking.
Zorien is leading

The children could also get acquainted with Sándorné Török and her guide dog Moris and Zoltán Szíjj and his guide dog Frodo. Zorien, Vacak, Frodo, Morris and Bogi got lots of strokes and kindness from the children. We thank our volunteer Csilla Kerékgyártó for the invitation. We could spend a really cheerful and fun-filled day together.