Guide Dogs in the Primary School of Görömböly

It is always a great pleasure for us when we are invited to schools or nursery schools, because we consider it important for the students to obtain information about the visually-impaired and guide dogs at such a young age. The children always welcome us with great curiosity and they enthusiastically participate in our program. It was not any different last week either, when we held sessions aimed to combat exclusionary attitudes in the primary school of Görömböly, Miskolc. First, the children learnt and practiced with their classmates how they can offer their help to the visually-impaired and how they can help them properly in walking and travelling. Then we talked about guide dogs, why the Labrador and Golden Retriever are the most suitable for this job, how we can recognize a guide dog and no matter how cute they are, we cannot pet them unless the owner gives his/her permission and other similar interesting and useful things.The greatest hits, of course, were the two demonstrator dogs, Diamond and Legó, with whom everybody could try out what it is like to walk blindfolded with a guide dog.

In the picture a blindfolded boy is being guided by a black Labrador. The dog’s trainer is holding his leash.
Lego is guiding