Guide Dogs in Sajógalgóc

At the weekend we visited Sajógalgóc, a beautiful village in Borsod County. The young and old of the village alike were keen on visiting the wide range of programs on the Equal Opportunity Day held in the Community House of the village. The visitors were very kind and open, almost everyone had some questions about blindness and guide dogs, and our visually impaired colleague was happy to answer them.

In the picture a young man is sitting behind a table with a Braille typewriter in front of him. There are people standing on the other side of the table listening to him.
Everyone is listening to Zoli

In addition, with the help of Diamond, our demonstrator dog, everyone could try outwhat it feels like walking blindfolded and relying on a guide dog. To the question „What was it like?”, the participants gave various responses; however, everyone agreed that guide dogs are magnificent and smart animals, who earn people’s respect and appreciation with their work.

In the picture a black Labradir in harness is guiding a man. The leash of the dog is held by a woman.
Even the mayor tried out what it felt like to walk with Diamond

We would like to thank you for the invitation; it was a very happy and memorable day for all of us.