Guide Dogs in Nagyiván

Recently, we visited the primary school in Nagyiván, which is located in the heart of Hortobágy. We got an unusual invitation from pupils in second grade that we could not refuse. The children’s enthusiasm was overwhelming: when we arrived, they welcomed us at the gate which was decorated with a handmade Baráthegyi banner. In addition, the school yard was decorated with balloons and colourful ribbons. We’ve never had such a reception like this before. First, we talked about exciting and useful things like how to recognise a guide dog, whether the dog can see the colour of the traffic light or whether it’s ok to pet the dog while he’s guiding his owner. Then everyone could try out with Diamond, the demonstration dog, what it feels like walking blindfolded and led by a guide dog. Our college’s guide dog, Fanni, enjoyed being petted while her owner typed the pupils’ names in Braille on our information leaflet.   This was a special day for all of us. Thank you very much for the invitation!

In the picture children are squatting in front of the school fence with Diamond and Fanni, the two black Labradors.
Tableau with Diamond and Fanni