Guide Dogs in Eger

We believe that if it comes to equal opportunities, we’ve got to be part of it. That is why we are happy that on Sunday we participated in the family day combined with a Paralympic event, the National Paralympic Day in Eger. While various programmes were going on on the stage, such as children’s shows, sports demonstrations, dance performances, those who were interested were keep coming to our tent. Children and adults, healthy and disabled people alike tried out our games. The scent recognition game and Braille writing were also great success, but the stars were the two demonstrator dogs, Legó and Diamond on that day, too.

In the picture a blindfolded man is being guided by a black Labrador. One of our colleagues is holding her leash.
Diamond is guiding

Many were impressed by the two four-legged: with their help everyone could experience what it is like when a dog is watching over their steps.

Thanks for everyone who joined us!