Guide Dogs in Camp Bregyó

Our small team was invited to the summer camp of Bregyó in Székesfehérvár. The children enthusiastically greeted us despite the heat. At the beginning of our program we discussed important issues such as whether a guide dog must be muzzled, or who decides when to cross a zebra crossing: the visually impaired owner or the dog. Several of the children knew that Labradors and golden retrievers are suitable most to become guide dogs and that a working dog should never be disturbed. Then with the help of Felhő and Lucky, our puppies-in-training, everyone could try out what it is like when a guide dog watches over their steps. We had a wonderful time, thank you for the invitation!

In the picture a black guide dog is leading a girl. The dog’s leash is held by her trainer .
Felhő is guiding