Guide Dogs in a Kindergarten

We visited the small children in Daycare Kindergarten in Felsőzsolca. The kids warmly welcomed us. Lego, Fanni, Flash and Google had a huge success. They were patted and pampered a lot.

Kindergarten teacher Andrea Nagy recalls:

When the parents arrived for the children, they did not have to ask what had happened that day – the answer is usually ‘nothing’ – , because the locker room was full of experiences. The essential activity of small children is playing, through which everything can be processed and relived. The siblings played “guide dog” even at home and again on Friday in the kindergarten. You’ve given us and our children lasting memories and I’m sure that this morning resulted in quite a few caring people. Thank you on behalf of Kindergarten Krisztina and for my own part for helping us become sensitized!

In the picture a black Labrador in harness is lying surrounded by children who caress him.
Lego is loved by everyone