Guide Dogs at Rigips

Guide dogs in a huge warehouse? Yes! We were honored to participate in the Security Day of the plasterboard plant of Rigips Division of Saint-Gobain Construction Products Hungary Kft. Our reception was most kind and everyone actively participated in our program aimed to combat exclusionary attitudes. The employees came in groups of 20. First, we talked about such interesting issues like what breeds of dogs can be guide dogs, if there are places where these wonderful four-legged animals cannot enter and if a dog can see the color of the traffic light. Then together we learnt how to help a visually impaired person correctly to cross the road. Then our visually impaired colleague, Zoli, talked about the white cane and was happy to respond to the questions, such as whether he can image the colors, how he knows when to get off the bus if there is no public address system or how he can orientate himself. Finally, of course, everyone could try out with the help of Lego and Diamond what it is like walking blindfolded and being led by a guide dog and Braille could not be left out of the program either.

In the picture people are standing in a semicircle and watching Zoli, who is standing in front of them with a white cane in his hand.
Zoli is talking about the white cane

There was a very good atmosphere in the event. We would like to thank everyone for the invitation and the great interest!