Guide Dogs at FeHoVa

Throughout the weekend our dogs attracted much attention at FeHoVa (Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition). From the very young to the largest, many were brave enough to walk through the stands blindfolded and guided by our guide dogs Diamond, Brendon, Gandhi, Bobita or Lego, who enjoyed the work very much as they were petted and given delicious treats after each round.

Our visually impaired colleague and volunteers were asked many interesting and exciting questions about how they live their everyday lives as visually impaired and how their guide dogs can help them. Beside the discussions, Braille could not be left out of our program either, of course.

In the picture Brendon, a black Labrador, is guiding a blindfolded woman. Brendon’s leash is held by his trainer.
Brendon is guiding

Harley, Houston and Herceg, our three puppies made a great hit, who arrived with their puppy-raiser families. The five-month old cuties enchanted everyone. They were petted and cherished so such that by the afternoon they were sleeping like a log.

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all volunteers for their indispensable help at Fehova.

We would also like to thank „A Vadászkutya Magazin” for the invitation.