Guide Dogs at FeHoVa

A lot of people were interested in the work of guide dogs on the last day of FeHoVa (Fishing, Hunting and Arms International Exhibition). Visitors came continuously to learn about guide dogs and the everyday life of visually impaired people. Felhő, Fülöp and Delta have been a great assistance to every interested and brave visitor who wanted to try out what a guide dog can do.

n the picture there is a girl kneeling between two black Labradors in harness. One of the Labradors is lying, the other is sitting.
Between guide dogs

Gandhi, an enthusiastic member of our puppy training program, charmed everyone and in return he received lots of caresses.  Visitors were also introduced to Braille and could even try out a special version of Tic-Tac-Toe developed for the visually impaired. Dóri, a nice volunteer of ours, who also has a guide dog gladly talked about what life is like as the owner of a guide dog.

In the picture a woman is showing a little boy sitting in front of her how his name is written in Braille.
Here is your name in Braille