Guide Dogs at a Children’s Rights Event

On Saturday, 9 May, we participated in a children’s rights road show called “Gyere-K-épbe” (Come into picture) at the University of Miskolc. Children, their accompanying foster parents and children’s home experts participated in the event. Children and adults alike were interested in the everyday life of visually impaired people and guide dogs. Many interested, brave visitors could even try out what it feels like to walk blindfolded with a guide dog, this time with Delta, a demonstrator dog.

In the picture there is Delta, a black Labrador in harness, leading a little boy who is gripping the harness. The trainer is walking in front of them.
Delta and an interested brave visitor

The visitors could also get acquainted with our visually impaired colleague who demonstrated with a Braille typewriter what Braille looks like. Many of them were so smart that they volunteered to type their names on their gifts in Braille.

In the picture there is a boy at the front stroking Delta, the black Labrador, who is lying on the grass in harness. Behind them at a desk there is our colleague who is showing Braille to a little girl.
Everybody had a great time!

Thank you for the invitation! We spent a truly memorable and joyful afternoon together.