Guide Dogs and Letcho

The fifth Letcho (Rataouille) and Roast Joint Festival has passed in very high spirits again in Miskolc similarly to last year. Despite the heat wave, numerous teams entered the cooking competition and many interested visitors joined the event. Although the letcho had the main role, a lot of people were interested in our program aimed to combat exclusionary attitudes.

In the picture there is a black Labrador in harness leading a little boy whose hand is being held by his father. The trainer of the dog is walking beside the dog.
Dió is leading

In spite of the intense heat, our demonstrator dogs Dió and Lego led the brave blindfolded visitors very enthusiastically. Kids and adults alike could learn a lot about what a guide dog can and cannot do, what and how we can help visually impaired people, and what a Braille typewriter and writing look like.

In the picture a young man is sitting at a table, showing a girl what he has written on the paper in Braille.
Look what I have written here!

Thank you for the invitation. We hope to see you again next year!