Guide Dogs and Firefighter Competition

Our goodwill ambassador Tibor Dobson invited us to the National Junior Firefighter Competition.

These are the experiences of our volunteer Zoltán Nagy:

“Fecske, a black Labrador and his blind owner attended the traditional event not just as guests, but as active participants: both at the opening ceremony and at the announcement of the results they took place among the honored guests and organizers on the stage in the main square of Szombathely and were presented in the same way as the prominent personalities.

In addition to the competition, the Baráthegyi team organized a special imitation exercise for volunteer firefighters by setting up a special course for guiding. Young and adults alike could try out a realistic situational model by practicing safe walking not only blindfolded, but also in a firefighter helmet that completely closes the face and restricts hearing as well. Almost hundred volunteers tested the few meter long, bumpy course hooked on to blind person, palpating the way with a white stick, encouraged by the always calm and kind Fecske.

In the picture a blindfolded man is fastening the firefighter helmet on his head. Another man is standing next to him and helps him.
A brave volunteer

At the announcement of the results the awards offered by Baráthegyi Guide Dog School were handed over by Fecske and his owner on the stage, while our goodwill ambassador presented our mission to the participants of the ceremony. We had success.”