Guide dog trainers at Dog Ethology Conference in Budapest

Hungarian Guide dog trainers and one of our guide dog teams took part in the beginning of November  in Budapest on the 2.Dog Ethology Conference.

 (in the first row from the right: Piros, Katica, Tamás és Szandi)
Guide dog trainers at Dog Ethology Conference in Budapest

In the first row from the right: Piroska Komondi, Katalin Lékáné Viszokai, dr. Tamás Mezősi and dr. Alexandra Rédei, who comes with her guide dog  Maya.
This year’s largest conference sponsored by the foundation celebrated the twentieth anniversary of ELTE Family Dog Program was undoubtedly the dog owners.
Because all along voluntarily, without compensation have been involved with the dog’s behavior in our tests, despite the fact that the experiments of articles written frequently appear until years later, and mostly in English. The English text vocational relatively difficult to understand why the participants are often not well informed about what was the end result of the involvement, took tests.

For this reason, organized by the Hungarian Academy of Science Festival in a series of conferences to hungarian, plain language and presented free of charge for anyone to appear in publications in the past year.
Very interesting and useful presentations have been made including: comparative brain research; social learning; binding; growling and barking; dominance, leadership and personality traits for each issue.

For more detailed information on the conference is available by clicking on the facebook page of the organizers on the link below: 2. Dog Ethology Conference

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