Information for applicants

If you are visually impaired and reckon that your life might be easier with the help of a guide dog, please fill the application form available on our website: Electronic Application Form for Guide dogs:
Electronic Application Form for Guide dogs

After filling in you may send your application to us right away by pressing ’send’ at the  bottom of the page.

You may also send your application by mail by downloading the printable version of the form which you can fill in with the help of a visually abled:
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Our address: Baráthegyi Vakvezető és Segítő Kutya Iskola Alapítvány/ Baráthegyi Guide dog School and Foundation
Mailing address: Miskolc, 3529, Park u. 8. /8 Park Street, Miskolc, 3529

e-mail address:

Should you have any questions before you make your decision, please contact us, we are happy to answer: +3646311236

You don’t have to worry about the expenses as our Foundation provides guide dogs to the applicants for permanent service free of charge. All you need to take care of from that point forward is the dog’s future daily supplies.

You should note however, that the learning period is a several-week long process. During this time you regularly need to see our instructor who helps you acquire the roots of dog keeping as well as helps you learn the basis of how to get about with your dog in the city. A successful road safety exam closes the training but you can count on the help of our colleagues any time after the exam as well.