Guide dogs in training

Guide dogs in training


Adria is one of the nicest female dogs of the large A-litter. She has a proportionally built body, light colour fur, and she is a fascinating Labrador, who never takes her nice yellow eyes off of her trainer. She is characterised by a great desire to comply, she wants to beat her brothers in everything, and she really acts as she knows everything the best. She easily learns and acquires new things; she is interested in every common activity and she is an attentive and motivated guide dog student. Her high level of desire for knowledge and ability to cooperate will make her an excellent guide dog. As every Labrador, she also likes everyone whether they are two or four legged. She likes running and playing, and she is all-happy when being praised. The person will be lucky whose steps Adria will take care of, as he will find in Adria not only an excellent guide dog, but also an easily adaptable, true companion.


We are grateful to Edus Frank and her partner for providing a happy puppyhood for Adria and establishing all that knowledge which are essential for the future guide dog function.


Uzsgyi is an intelligent, kind, obedient girl dog who has her own way of thinking about the world because she is smart. She learns quickly and accurately when she’s on the lead, putting things together with incredible speed, assessing situations and making decisions while looking after her owner’s safety. He is a joy to live with, with a lovely clownish attitude and playfulness that enriches your daily life.


Many thanks to Zsolt Botfalvay and Zsuzsanna Breyer for their sacrificial work, for raising Uzsgyi in love and conscientiously.

Varázs (Magic)

Hearing the name Magic makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a fairytale world where fairies and butterflies flutter. This beautiful yellow Labrador bitch acts like a fairy and makes you feel that the world is magical! She’s a dog that makes tears fall, lips curl into smiles and hands intertwine into hugs. Always cheerful and sometimes playful, he approaches you with soft, gentle movements, wondering what you can do to please him! Beneath the thick, soft fur, there is a lot of love, combined with humility and a high sense of duty, which seems to be a great basis for him to become a helping dog. Varázs was raised in our volunteer puppy training programme in Győr by Dr. Alexandra Losonczi, so he has been socialised in a stimulating environment that will prepare him for the next stage of his training.


We are grateful to Alexandra for giving Varázs a home and raising him for our foundation. We are sure that soon we will be proud to see the result of all our work, that a visually impaired fellow human being will be matured with a helping companion.


Zseton is a wonderful lab boy, very well-educated, cultured and you can appear with him anywhere because he is almost unnoticable. He is easy to direct, he is ready to learn quickly. While walking he pays attention to his owner, stays around and he immediately reacts to calls. He behaves preparedly in town. His fur is like that of a plush bear whom you want to love and embrace all day. Zseton was educated within the framework of our puppy raising programme.

Zseton egy mezőn ül a fűben.

Thank you to Panni Csepreghy for giving home to Zseton and for giving us a wonderful dog offering all your allention to him. We are sure that Zseton will be a great help to a visually- impaired person and will make all future moments happy with his lovely personality.


Aszú is a yellow male Labrador born within our own breeding program. He’s a positive dog who always looks at people with an expression as if he’s smiling. He’s very owner-centric, craving close connections and proximity with his trainer, with whom he quickly found common ground and easily adapted to new situations. Aszú loves everything and everyone, to him, the world is a beautiful place, and he’s eternally optimistic. He’s an attentive and kind dog possessing all the good qualities typical of Labradors. Enthusiastic, easily motivated, and affectionate by nature, he’s sure to make excellent progress in his studies. Any visually impaired person who has Aszú watching over their steps will be fortunate; he’ll not only assist in the safety of the trafic but also be a reliable and kind companion in everyday life.

We are deeply grateful to István Mariscsák for conscientiously, with boundless patience and love, raising and socializing Aszú, thus contributing to the mission of our Foundation.


Wilson is our black castrated Labrador. Though he was born as a male, he has a very kind, pliable, smooth cuddly nature that belies girls. Behind his kind emanation and playful nature there is an open, friendly human-centred dog, whom every time spent with, give water of life. He easily learns and he jumps eagerly into every new adventure with his trainer, whom he is already closely bonded. His admiration and affection will be a huge support to his future visually impaired owner; however, we are sure that he is going to be an excellent guide dog.

We owe grateful thanks to Judit Susán, his puppy raiser, who, as an experienced puppy raiser, smoothed the way for Wilson to grow up.

Vackor (Nubbin)

Vackor is one of our imposing male dogs of our breed, who itself becomes attractive with his huge figure and great love, but he also goes for everyone’s love. He approaches to the people with smooth fine movements, meanwhile he nestles like a cat and collect all type of fondling. Vackor walks nicely on a leash, he is an attentive, docile and patient dog, who loves playing a lot though, but when it is about a task, he immediately quick to act and wants to comply to his trainer. Vackor was raised up in the noisy Budapest by one of our volunteer puppy raisers, so there is no doubt that he has seen a lot of the big world which enables him to become a potential and confident guide dog.

We owe a grateful thanks to Zsuzsa Kreszta for providing home for Vackor and raise him up, that we are able to train another helpmate for a person living with visual impairment.

Ulti (Ultimo)

Ulti is a kind, charming and sensitive dog. Full of joy and goodwill and he is interested in everything in his environment and finds things to marvel at, and by this he becomes an entertaining phenomenon. At the time of one of the obligatory vaccinations he became so happy for the assessment, that it became very difficult to check his temperature, because he wagged his tail so much. He is a big, sensitive teddy-bear-dog, who will get lots and lots of happiness with his kindness and love. He reminds his trainer to Winnie the Pooh and Süsü because his style is very similar to both characters.

Thanks to Györgyi Szabóné Gajdács and Zoltán Cser for raising up Ulti with patience, devotion and love.


Uno is a young black Labrador from our own breeding programme. He is a medium size dog with a wonderful personality and light brown eyes. He is always eager to learn something new and his tail is always wagging. He loves giving kisses, cuddles, loves humans, cats, other dogs and generally, he is happy to be near his trainer all the time. Uno’s puppy host family raised him in Szentlorinc, where they made sure that the young pup was exposed to lots of experiences early on in life to get used to the hustle and bustle of city life. Uno is very confident travelling on pubic transport, and walking to heal on busy streets or crowded shopping malls. He is calm and well behaved in a restaurant setting as well.

We would like to say thank you to Csaba Papp, Uno’ss puppy host, for raising such a wonderful dog who, one day soon will become a guide dog for the blind.

Vackor is a beautiful male dog from our own breeding programme. He is not only large in size but in his affection for humans. He is a giant lovable teddy bear who demands to be loved. He is very graceful and gentle in his movements despite his large size and loves being petted and cuddled. He loves snuggles like a kitten. He can walk on a loose leash, he is very attentive and eager to learn. He loves to play but when there is work  to do he is committed to his trainer. Vackor’s puppy host family lives in Budapest, so he got used to the noises of the big city early on which will make him a confident and reliable guide dog in the near future.

We would like to say thank you to Zsuzsa Kreszta, for looking after Vackor and for making our dream of training guide dogs a possibility.

Vega is the Queen of the Pack. She is very calm, reserved and has a high opinion of herself. She is very careful where she steps to avoid getting her paws muddy while walking. She is very reserved when playing with other dogs, making sure her coat does not get dirty. Her dark brown eyes are oozing with calmness as she keeps her glance at her trainer all the time. She loves being around humans and is very eager to learn. Vega loves her human companions so much, she showers them with kisses. Vega loves her tummy too and would do anything for a treat. We are confident that she will make a wonderful guide dog and canine companion one day.

We would like to say thank you to Time Szeiff for providing Vega with a warm, loving home and lots of exciting adventures as a puppy.


Unka is the smallest yellow female dog of Letter U litter. Basically, she has a reserved personality unless it is about playing with her breed-mates. That time, she frees lots of her energy and she captivates everyone with her archness and charm. She does not give her friendship easily to a human, one has to work for her faith. But if she takes a like for somebody, she becomes cooperative and cuddly. She is careful and thoughtful in her work. Her sensitivity and quick understanding make her very suitable for gliding a visually impaired person’s life.

We are grateful for Tímea Forgács and Ákos Bacsa and also for Edina Fazekas and her family for raising up this wonderful little Labi-girl with lots of coherent work and gracious love.



UV is a huge black Labrador “teddy bear”. A sensitive heart, a jolly, all charming soul is locked in his huge body. He loves everything and everyone. He would sell out his supper for a little stroke. Well, not that. ? His real favourites are the children, for whom he would do anything to please them. He likes learning, he is open for new things, and he can adapt fast to new situations. He emanates the peaceful calmness of big dogs.

Zsuzsanna Molnár and her family provided the happy and meaty puppyhood for UV. We would also like to thank them for the immeasurable energy and love they gave for his raising.



Tramini is a very kind, eager to comply, sensitive and a very clever dog, who with his charming appearance immediately captivates everyone’s heart. He is able to move his eyebrows separated form each other, he does this especially when he concentrates hard on what the human may tell him, which gives the impression for everyone that Tramini is going to answer in a minute. He is kind, friendly and playful with every creature, he likes cuddling up, so he is a real super dog-mate.

Egy sárga labrador fiú áll a lakás folyosóján

Thanks so much to Ágnes Telepovszky for raising up this little miracle dog for us.



Unikum is the only yellow male dog of the Letter U litter. One can think, by seeing his expressive look, light colour eyes and rounded head, that he has fully developed ideas and opinion on everything, and that is true. He is a determined, ambitious dog already, with a characteristic type. He likes a lot if something happens around him and he can be part of it. He is an active, ready to act dog, who is completely attached to only one person, to his trainer at this stage. He likes working, completing tasks, but he likes as much running freely and playing with his dog-mates as well. Like Labradors, he loves yummy bites and likes learning, therefore we are sure that he acquires his guide dog profession fast.

Egy sárga labrador ül egy fenyőfa előtt a parkban.

We owe many thanks to Márta Vucseta, who as a volunteer puppy raiser, after Parfé and Serpa, also raised up Unikum, by leading him in his growth, and made it possible that one of the visually impaired persons get a guide dog.



Utópia is our phenomenal, yellow, female Labrador, who was so lucky for growing and raised up at the same place she was born, at our puppy raisers home, with Zina her mother. Utópia had an example to be followed, therefore what she knows, that she knows very well, this way she tries to behave as a serious, matured dog, but at the same time she is still a bohemian puppy, deep in her soul. Once she sits beside her trainer with an eminent face, and in the next moment she jig-a-jog racing with flag ears in the meadow. She is a real, vibrant, happy, kind, tail wagging dog. She is very eager to learn and tries to comply in everything to her trainer. She loves eating, likes her dog-mates, and she is happily participating in every new task. She will be a super fellow for a visually impaired person.

Egy sárga labrador, aki hámot visel és a kerítés előtt ül.

We are grateful to Gizella Ménesi and her family to keep Zina the mother of the Letter U litter and other earlier litters in love, and having the puppies for 8 weeks, and beyond all taking on Utópia’s raising for one year.


Szezám was born into that lucky situation that she could spend her puppyhood beside her mother Winnipeg. A real duality resides in this beautiful female Labrador with reddish fur. Usually she is an extremely sophisticated, charming lady, but at the same time she can turn to a perky, unbridled foal within a minute, when it is about running around freely. She is a very kind, devoted dog who loves her owner in her own way. She is extremely smart. She learns easily, fast and with pleasure. Wherever she appears, she makes people smile and she is eager to collect all stroking possible.

We thank to Enikő Soltész-Kopácsi and her family for raising up Szezám with great love and care.


She is one of the female dogs of the Letter T litter. She has arrived to our family as a very energetic, active puppy but she has adapted in the pack fast. She quickly got round the whole family with her deep brown eyes. She learns fast, she is careful, she is an admirer of people, and loves to be stroked. She follows every step of mine, waiting for the time when she has to do something, or what she can help. Whatever I drop, she picks it up and gives it in my hand without asking her and she collects her praises and strokes with a great wigging of her tail. She likes walking and playing with the ball with the other dogs after practicing.

We thank to László Ádám Gréczi for raising up Torma with love.


Tango is a yellow, male Labrador with a soft, slightly crimpy fur, who saw the first daylight within our own breeding programme. She adapted well to the Dachshund pack of his raising family. He loves his belly, likes long walks, running, playing with other dogs. He is an extremely bright dog with lot of energy and ingenuity. He is human centred and he accepts strokes from everyone with pleasure.

Our thanks to Barnabás Thár and his family for raising up Tangó with their devoted love, and by this, giving the possibility for helping one of the visually impaired people in the future.