Guide dogs in training


Szezam was fortunate to spend her first year of life with her mother Winnipeg, being raised by the same host family. Szezam is a beautiful dog with golden fur and a dual personality: most of the time she is calm and reserved but given the chance of a romp around she can turn into a crazy puppy in no time! She is very bright, kind and affectionate and loves her handler very much. She is quick and eager to learn and brings a smile on everybody’s face wherever she goes.
We would like to say thank you to Eniko Soltesz-Kopacsi and her family for raising such a wonderful dog!


Torma is an active young dog, full of energy but she quickly learnt how to be part of the pack. With her dark brown eyes and kind personality, she quickly stole everybody’s heart in her host family. She is quick to learn, loves people, praise and petting. She follows her handler around paying attention to every move she makes. If her human drops something, she is already there to give it back, demanding praise as a her reward! After all the studying she is happy to join in with the other dogs and fetch ball or play chase.
We would like to thank Adam Laszlo Greczi for raising Torma!


Tulipan is the only black coated dog in the litter where all the dogs got names starting with T. Tulipan is not only special because of her fur colour but due to her wonderful personality. She adores people and is always ready to learn something new. She spends all her time following her handler, watching every move she makes. She is highly intelligent and will make a great guide dog. She is also very playful and funny, loves to play and be a bit cheeky. Whoever is going to be Tulipan’s owner won’t be bored we are sure!
We would like to say thank you to the Sapi family, who raised Tulipan to become such a wonderful dog!


Tango is a golden Labrador born in our breeding programme. He lives with a pack of dachshunds and loves his canine family. He is easily motivated with food, loves walkies and playing with other dogs. He is very intelligent, full of energy and is always keen to please people.
We would like to say thank you Barnabas Thar and his family for raising Tango and supporting our efforts to train guide dogs for the blind.