The training of a guide dog begins with the selection of the promising proposant. Therefore, we have a look at several young dogs, test them in different situations, have them examined and if all is well, the training may begin. However, based on our experiences only about every fourth or fifth one-one and a half year-old-dog proves suitable to be trained as guide dogs out of those who have been recommended to our Foundation. The rest of them make perfect companions in most cases, thus, we look for owners for them.

The moment in our Foundation will come within a few years when our guide dogs currently on duty have to retire. In most cases the faithful old friend remains with their owner even when they are already being taken care of by a younger guardian angel, but if this is not possible, we look for new owners and a new home to the dogs, where they can enjoy their hard-earned retirement. They don’t need tiring excursions anymore and are satisfied with short walks. They like lying in the garden peacefully while observing the family children play. If you would like to be the owner of such a dog, please contact us on the following number:  +36305798818, or e-mail address:

Current dogs we have for rehoming

No dogs are waiting to be rehomed at the moment  🙂