About guide-dog

A képen egy golden retriever ül hámban.

Guide dogs are highly respected and arouse people’s interests all around the world. Some might wonder how humans and dogs are capable of such effective communication, common work and trust. Dogs are not an ordinary aid for the visually impaired people. Much more than that.

Hungarian guide dog
Hungarian guide dog

A partner who helps and accepts its blind master with all their disabilities, while ensuring them entire freedom, self-dependence and security. It is able to adjust to its owner’s daily routine and way of life but has needs, feelings, thoughts of its own just like us, humans. It also needs some rest sometimes and someone to care for him after a long day.

Guide dogs are to be loved sensibly. One must find the appropriate way to express their emotions and gratefulness towards them. Although these dogs have to live under strict regulations, they also need to receive essential emotional and physical care every day. Ágota, who has been living with guide dogs for eighteen years now has pointed out smartly why guide dogs are the happiest dogs in the world. She has put it this way:

”…guide dogs are among the happiest dogs in the world because they can experience everything most dogs are only dream of: they can spend the whole day with their owners, they can be with them wherever they go.

International Guide Dog Day 27 April

On a proposal from the International Guide Dog Federation attention was drawn internationally on the 20th occasion to the importance of guide dogs on 27 April 2014. Although these special dogs mean much more help to blind people and to those with low vision than any inanimate aid, less than one percent of the blind or partially sighted people in Hungary are helped by guide dogs. For this, the Baráthegyi Guide dog School, the Hungarian Applicant Organization of International Guide Dog Federation, puts great emphasis on the worthy celebration of the International Guide dog Day every year.